Monday, August 10, 2009

No Respect for our Ways 8/7/09

Jessie is really something. She comes into the genealogist office as Houdini, able to load the tribal rolls with a wave of her hand....and guess who got in the way? The few Elders left in the office. They asked too many questions...indeed, but Aaron's on a mission that was calculated from the day he violated confidenciality 2 years ago with the membership committee and told the world that he was in charge of putting hundreds of " casino Indians" and Phantoms on the rolls." He waited until the election to do that.

Of Course Rhoda stood her ground against Jessie and said she was not moving to the dark cubby hole in the back of the office. Quan and Chucky of DEP moved out of there so why would you put elderly women back there with no windows? There you go.
Rhoda had chest pains yesterday and was taken to the hospital. She's okay now, but a second day with Jessie, her cousin, proved to be too stressful. Is this how we treat the people who fought for our recognition?
The elders also question Carol Lopez's authority to sit in the office and read all those confidential files like she's doing a research paper....Evidently she plans to telgraph the contents all over town and selectively put people on the rolls. It's supposed to be first come first serve. Patty's process ensured that there was no fraudulant paper work. Can you imagine Jessie and Carol in charge of that....
Stop laughin' so hard, you'll get sick.

At Mashpee Baptist Church there were pleas for prayer for 2 of the incompetent officials in this tribe. These are the people who have drained the tribe dry of revenues...The Tribe is flat a-- broke. How about a prayer for the Tribe !

As Aaron Tobey said " We're outta money..."
It's not as if you didn't know this was comming. Cedric Cromwell asked a grant writer to find one to pay his salary. He has asked the backers ( who say they will not support the tribe until his regime is gone) for money to pay his salary only. They were in Boston last week looking for loans to pay themselves....and in New York this week looking for a " bridge loan ".....bridge to where....Jez.
Who is going to loan them money what's the collateral ?
What's left of the grants will be the next vitim of their greed.
Mark Harding ran over to the office and was rifling Patty's NAGPRA paperwork after the word went out that the general revenue money was gone. That's a desperate guy.

We stand a better chance against the damn KKK than this crew